Passing the Buck

Perhaps you will remember when president Truman took over the presidency of the USA and had to make the most difficult decision of his life. The decision to use the Atomic Bomb on Japan in August 1945. He must have struggled, but in the end, sitting at his desk he said, the Buck Stops here. However, here in Canada the buck doesn’t appear to stop at anyone’s desk, it just gets passed around . Why am I bringing this up, allow me to explain. Over a month ago I wrote to my federal MP for Egmont, Robert Morrissey with concerns over clear cutting in our region. I had to write two more times before he finally bothered to respond. I wondered why I had bothered because he merely passed the Buck. Not within his jurisdiction, he said, I should contact the provincial government, Duh!! Like I had never thought of that. We have both Federal and Provincial governments, and it would be reasonable to think they co-operate.  Especially as trees are considered an important factor in Climate change. Especially as Morrissey’s boss stated the federal government would plant a billion trees. The provincial government depends on the Federal government for much of its financing and support. I imagine if an island MP had a quiet word in the provincial environment minister’s ear, something could be worked out. It’s just not good enough that these well paid and certainly not over worked MPs can’t get out from behind their desks (where the buck doesn’t stop) and earn what we pay them to do. Is it any wonder we no longer hold our politicians with even a tiny degree of respect.

I have copied his waste of time response that I finally received after sending him three or four emails.

Morrissey, Robert – M.P. <>To:

  • You

Wed 2022-06-22 6:06 PM

Start reply with: Schedule a meetingThank you, I will do that.Thank you very much for the information.Feedback

Dear Frederick,

Thank you for writing to me to express your concern on an important issue, and I apologize for the delay in this late response.

The issue around clear cutting in Egmont totally falls under the jurisdiction of the Government of PEI, which has exclusive regulation authority over land use policies.

I encourage you to contact the provincial government separately for comment and your local MLA to pass on your concerns.

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