My Sermon to Summerside Community Church

I imagine your congregation is made up of parents, children, grandparents, and perhaps a few single people. Your minister tells you that homosexuals/gays are evil sinners. Abominations, people without God and so on. Allow me to give you another prospective, in my view a better prospective, one that still allows you to consider yourself a Christian. I have two daughters, both grown now, nevertheless I still think of them as my little girls. I adored them both then and now, they are the most precious gifts of my life. My older girl grew up whilst I was still in the Navy, I missed many of her firsts, her first word, first step and so on. My second daughter, I was there when she spoke, when she took her first step. I took her skiing, taught her to ride a bike, play soccer and the many other childhood activities. She travelled with me in the summer when school was out. We went to London England and saw all the sights, Buckingham Palace, Tower bridge, the New Forest. Visited Ireland, Dublin and Belfast. Later bought her a small pony, that moved into a bigger horse a stable, horse trailer etc.. Sadly she grew up graduated from High School and moved to Alberta to attend university. She was into biathlon and did very well. Graduated with BSC then moved to BC to complete her masters. Now this is where I really want you all to listen carefully. One quiet Wednesday afternoon my phone rang, it was my young daughter. I could tell by her voice she was troubled and had something she needed to tell me. I”m just a typical father and immediately assumed she was pregnant. I was so wrong, she told me she liked girls, then the phone went silent. I realized she must be under dreadful pressure, will my parents still love me, accept me, disown me?? I knew I must respond instantly,  there could be no pause. I immediately told her my love was unconditional. I could feel her anxiousness leaving I could feel her relief. Today that is all history, my two daughters love me and are there for me when I need them. I’m in my 84th year but when I looked back to that Wednesday afternoon long ago, I know my response was the only one a loving father could make. 
None of us think we will have a gay child,  we can never know until we are confronted with it. We can’t know how we might react. Im truly horrified when I heard of parents who disown their child. Anyone of this congregation could be faced with this situation, how will you react.? Will you love your child unconditionally, kick him/her out, never have contact again. Will you worry about what your Pastor, members of your congregation might think. Will your child be denied membership in your church? These are all the things you should consider when your Pastor tells you your child is a sinner a abomination. This is why I take such offence when I hear things like homosexuals/gays are a threat to our faith, to our core values. We must protect our children from such awful people. These are difficult questions for people who claim they are God fearing Christians
Ask yourselves, how you can claim to be a Christian and continue to hold such terrible beliefs.
Here ends my sermon. God Bless and love one another.

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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2 Responses to My Sermon to Summerside Community Church

  1. Russ Comeau says:

    You are a good man. Would love to meet you someday. Take care stay safe.

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