Where are the MLAs???

Every night on Compass we hear of more problems causing great hardship and difficulties to Island citizens. Tonight Monday 8th August 2022 Compass reported our province has the highest overtime work rate for nurses in the country. A high 33% as compared to an average 25% elsewhere in Canada. Other provinces such as  Newfoundland have introduced programs to help alleviate the problems and shortages. We have yet to hear from the King government with any possible help. We also have a serious and growing homelessness crisis, to date only the police have been involved in what is surely not a police matter. This is not camping as the average person understands it, nor are they in camp grounds with the usual facilities These unfortunate people are living wherever they can pitch a tent. They are lacking the basic services that most of us expect and enjoy.  Bathing, comfortable places to rest or sleep, cool places in summer and warm In winter. They are accused of trespassing and constantly face forceable removal. If the government really took this issue seriously, they could ensure safe places for everyone. There are empty building doing nothing, churches, warehouses and such. Any large floor space could be turned into cubicles, cots, wash spaces provided. However, until we have a government that is really concerned not much is going to happen. Not in health care and not with homelessness. I suppose we should not be too hard on our MLAs after all it’s August and they are probably camping in their motor homes and caravans. They deserve their vacation time too, right.!!!! After all they do very important work all year. Well maybe not quite all year, six or seven weeks in the spring and fall. It’s time we had a government for the people not for their own personal comfort and ease. Which seems to be the case at the moment.
God Bless our nurses and homeless

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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