Brokerage fees??

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I wonder if other people feel as I do about these extra fees. It really doesn’t matter which company, they all do it. I ordered an exhaust clamp from England, just a small part, about the diameter of a tennis ball and 1/2 inch thick. It cost $39 which include the shipping. I will include a photo of the item. It’s not an expensive part until it gets into the hands of UPS etc. They add brokerage (whatever that is) charges to every item they seem to handle. In this case I was charges $21.91, that’s more than 50% of my total cost to purchase and ship. Even adding GST at 15% on the item they claim duty and handling. A couple of years ago I ordered a new carpet set for my Austin. The cost was around $350 which included shipping. I was charge $85 upon delivery. It’s a gun to the head, if you don’t pay up you don’t get the package. There is no duty on parts for antique car parts, but no use arguing that with the driver. Surely this an issue that needs to be investigated, but probably no one will. So we will just have to keep paying. Wherever possible I use the postal service, no brokerage fees with them???

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