Quote from Premier King during his election campaign. “Working together, Sharing ideas, Collaboration, This is how we succeed???”

It you read my post yesterday, or read the none results of the over 2100 signatures on the petition. Then you must have the same or similar questions as I do. Yes we know King, Myers and Compton have ignored the petition, indeed ignored Islanders. What about other MlLAs in this government do they still claim  “ It’s (Was) About People”
I say “was” because it hasn’t been about islanders for quite some time. Where I find great difficulty is why no other members of the King government have said anything against these violations of Land Protection and other Laws. Nothing about the public right of way on our beaches. Is there no MLA in this government that gives a damn what the three named people in the title do. Is there no one with the courage to stand up and question these three people who break laws as it suits them. I can only conclude this illegal permit issuing is all about money under the table

God Bless and think before you vote. 

 PS. I think it’s important to mention, it seems the four sitting Liberal MLAs have remained mute on this issue???

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