Private Medical Centres!

Listening to Doug Ford claim he is going to send patients to private health care centres is concerning. These private operations are springing up everywhere. Recently my wife had to go to Moncton (waiting 2years)for cataract surgery, the cost over $3000 not including three trips from the island. It was essential because she is our only driver. The bridge cost or gas could not be claimed as medical expense because a doctor had not arranged it. My wife only waited about one month, and was there for roughly three hours, My concern, if these private for profit clinics can succeed, why can’t public health? Why can’t Health PEI not offer the same services, what are these new Medical Homes for? I hear the excuse the operating room availability is limited. However, the private clinics do not have operating rooms but can still do the surgery. I believe the government have caused too many road blocks. The surgery takes approximately 5-10 minutes so why do we have such long waiting lists. If the cataract surgeries took place in a medical home I think about ten
per day would be possible. It leaves me wondering if this government really is taking this health crisis seriously?
God Bless and keep reading

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