Health Talks with Premiers

Trudeau is speaking with provincial premiers over new funding programs for health care. I do not see money being the answer or indeed a solution. If the new money is left up to individual premiers we shall end up with a patch work bandaid approach. I would rather see a national training scheme to create new Nurse Practitioners. The shortage of doctors could be eased greatly with a large influx of new NPs. The NPs could pick up a large portion of patients with minor ailments. In the case of PEI our proposed medical homes need to cover more essential services. Why could cataract surgery not be carried out in these medical facilities, X-rays and minor surgeries. With extra NPs many of these services could be removed from emergency rooms. Yes we need more doctors too, however, training new ones takes a longer period of time, NPs would be a good way to ease the health care burdens now.
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