An Oldie but a Goodie

The Throne Speech!
Posted on September 24, 2020 by irishroverpei

To begin, I didn’t listen to the throne speech, just didn’t spike my interest, it was mostly filled with empty words. However, I couldn’t avoid hearing two of our local liberal MPs praising their leader on the morning radio. I wasn’t listening carefully, but was sure I heard MacAulay state among his many platitudes, that seniors were given a raise and were ok? A raise! What ,when, how much?? I admit I was taken aback by his words, perhaps I had misunderstood. A raise for seniors? Surely I would have noticed that. Then I got to thinking, he must have meant that 57 cent increase or was it 59 cents, can’t remember. So this is what was given to help us seniors! Wow! These politicians are completely out of touch. They make way to much money and thus must find it hard to understand or even imagine how seniors survive. At best, the average senior receives about $1600 per month, and that includes the supplement. Out of that generous pension we pay rent, food, meds, plus travel and other expenses. MacAulay would probably consider $1600, as pocket change. Do these over paid politicians have any idea of how we manage? It’s doubtful, they never really have to think about it. But hey, we seniors are just too greedy and never appreciate how our generous government work so hard in our interest. So now you know why I could not bring myself to listen to speech from the throne!

God Bless and keep reading.

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