Souris Evictions

When one mentions the word racism it can so often spill over into a nasty argument. It is a word laced with sensitivity, accusations, bigotry and possibly white racism. While I try very hard to be all accepting without sounding otherwise, it is sometimes a minefield of words. I see this as the case in the town of Souris. Local residents are being evicted to make room for temporary foreign workers. I assume this is being done by D P Murphy to staff his local business. I expect he will claim he can’t get locals to work so has no choice but to employ foreigners. On the surface that may be a practical answer, but, how are these people being treated. Working for a company that provides accommodation is on very thin ice in my opinion. Step out of line and you immediately become homeless. The other question that comes to mind is the pay scale,I assume it’s minimum wage, but what rent do these employees have to pay? It is all very shady and unpleasant for the locals. If they fight their evictions they could accused of racism. If the town of Souris protest then they risk being labeled racists. It seems no matter how we look at this situation created by Murphy it will be viewed as racism. How else can it be described? The persons being evicted (2) went to IRAC, strangely they are forced to remain silence over these talks or be fined? This surely adds another level of secrecy , especially as I thought None disclosure was now illegal. Let’s face it we do have racist here on PEI, that is an unfortunate fact. Nevertheless, DP Murphy could have or should have foreseen this possibility before causing it. This tends to remind me of the song,” I owe my soul to the company store”
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  1. Francis Gallant says:

    D P Murphy, I would suppose, wouldn’t have given a thought about actions like this causing havoc to the reputation of migrant workers. When we hear of importing workers we also hear of it being one of the reasons for unemployment for the locals. I don’t know how the complaint runs today since the recent story seems to be about jobs that the locals won’t do. There are questions. For instance, is this a makeup story so that it looks like the locals have only themselves to blame. It must be right up anyone’s alley who can hire someone that will do it for minimum wage. I’m expecting that to be the case. So, here we go. We have residents being evicted and we can wonder how the migrants are being treated. We’ve all heard stories long before this. Have solutions been created to make life fair for all concerned? I’ve seen a movie titled “Secrets and Lies”. If I hear of one titled “Secrets and Lies II – The Political Version” I’ll let people know.

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