Political Correctness

I thought I’d rerun this blog from 2017. it seems the desire to tear down statues and or remove political names has waned somewhat?????
Political Correctness;
Posted on August 30, 2017 by irishroverpei
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It seems the western world has gone overboard with this ridiculous political correctness. Perhaps it is a result of all the Trump rhetoric south of the border? In the UK some crazy woman is demanding the statues of Nelson and Churchill must be removed. Here in Canada a group of people don’t want to be left out of this madness. Ontario school authorities want the name of Canada’s first PM removed from schools. So what is next? we must have many other Leaders who have committed errors of political correctness. Some of these people cite the fact that Germany has no statues or other reminders of Hitler and the NAZIs. Big deal!!! Second world war history has been recorded in great detail. In books and in film. Hitler may not have been glorified but he sure has not been forgotten and nor should he be forgotten. Likewise, our own leaders should not be suddenly expunged from our history. Right or wrong it will remain our history and it is up to our generation to maintain that history. It is also our job to correct what was done wrong, but do it intelligently and show a better way forward. Oh Dear!! I’m going to Charlottetown today, guess I had better not sit on the bench beside the statue of John A.

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