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Welcome to my website and blog. I trust you will find it entertaining and interesting.  Hopefully you’ll subscribe to receive an email of any new information I post here – you can do this on the right under the Search box.

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One neat feature of WordPress that power this website is the “Tags cloud”.  When I write a post I can tag it with keywords to aid in searching.  The Tags cloud graphically represents the tags I’ve used with their size proportional to the number of times they have been used.  You can see the Tags cloud on the right if you scroll down.  It is under “Useful Links”.

1 Response to About This Site

  1. baconburner says:

    Hi Amigo, I think I have sussed this out. It keeps taking me to my old Hacked e address when I send a comment.
    RE: The Crow’s Nest. I am saddened that I never heard of this place before today. The many nights I spent in St Johns would surely have been even better had I known. Old Haunts like these are a treasure of days gone by. They are also a part of military history and tradition. Much like the Old China Hand in Hong Kong which I frequented many a time.
    Take care and I hope I may comment on future posts.

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