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  • News Blackout???
    It seems to me there is a news blackout on this beach construction. I have seen nothing in the papers, nothing on the radio or Compass. The only MLAs that respond to my questions those not on the government side. I have emailed the Premier, no response, I have emailed Jameson, minister of environment, no … Continue reading
  • Fiona goodbye
    Well, we were lucky and weathered the storm without any major mishaps. Lots of branches down and leaves all over the deck, lawn and house. We lost power sometime during the night, so no morning coffee. It was too windy to go outside and start the generator, so we waited until late afternoon when the … Continue reading

I’m an old retired submariner, with 23 years of service. My hobby is antique British cars, I presently have a 1966 Austin Cambridge. However age and health have severely curtailed my time under the car. Now I have an invalid scooter that allows me some freedom to toot around the village. I live on Prince Edward Island, Canada, a beautiful and serene part of this great country. You can read my full introduction on my home page