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What Gender is a Computer(A Little Sunday Humour)

A SPANISH Teacher > was explaining > to her class that… in > Spanish, unlike > English, > nouns are designated as either masculine ..or > feminine. > ‘House’ for instance, is feminine: ‘la > casa.’ > ‘Pencil,’ however, is … Continue reading

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Supply Management

I’m the first to admit I know little about international trade agreements, but I would also venture I’m not alone in that respect. Watching the recent news coverage I see milk and dairy producers are not happy with the latest … Continue reading

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My political Dilemma

One might say election time is in the air both Federally and Provincially. This is when I once again struggle to make a decision on which way to vote. It is easier here on PEI. I have firmly decided on … Continue reading

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Easy Pay Day Loans And Deficits

One of the first things I found difficult to understand when I landed in Halifax aboard the Royal Navy Submarine Alcide back in January 1964 was the word “ Credit”. I tried to rent a car at a local rental … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Budge

Hospital is far from the best place to celebrate your birthday, but you are in a good hands so get better soon. Yoda dressed up especially for you to wish you happy birthday. At Bluefield you were voted mostly likely … Continue reading

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Bangers and Mash

This is a short story of a visit to my doctor seeking treatment for a case of shingles on the right side of my head (very painful). I’d had shingles in the same place many years ago. You may however, … Continue reading

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Dangers of Fishing

Should we change the law considering the recent loss of life off Tignish when a fishing boat capsized and two fishermen drowned. One really has to wonder why wearing some form of flotation device is not mandatory in this industry? … Continue reading

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The Bionic Man

Seeing the photo on FB of the Bionic Man brought back fond memories of our youngest daughter Susannah May AKA Budge. When she was a little girl she loved Steve Austin. She would run across the living room in slow … Continue reading

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Real estate windfall or ????

If the story I recently read on social media is factual then I have to confess I’m at a loss to understand. In March 2018 a government committee was formed, (Standing Comittee investigating Land.) Among the land owners invited to … Continue reading

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My Opinion is of No Value????

Just yesterday I ran into a very obnoxious encounter on FB with one Kelly Robinson. Clearly this young lady believes I have no right to an opinion that opposes her opinion. She showed no respect for my views and answer … Continue reading

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