A Ganges Boy to a Commission

I don’t write this to impress or brag. However, when I entered the Basic OfficerTraining Qualification program (RCN) with approx twenty other candidates I was awarded ‘Outstanding Candidate’ at the end of the course. I don’t put this down to my own abilities but rather to my Ganges Training. Even my wife can’t understand why I iron my own clothes and keep my dresser drawers neat and orderly. I guess what we learned at Ganges never leaves us!!!

2 Responses to A Ganges Boy to a Commission

  1. martin says:

    Hi and well done. I’m doing the family tree and discovered my father was at Ganges and then in the RN during WWII but cannot find any service record for him. He was 16 in 1938.
    His father was on the Conway and a Lt.Cmr. RNR. and i can find plenty of records for him.
    I just wondered if you have any suggestions as to where i could look to find out when he was at Ganges and where he went after.
    Thanks and kind regards

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Guy I would start by contacting the Ganges Assoc web master at http://www.hmsgangesassoc.org/ They may be able to help. The only other place might be the Imperial War Museum, they have a serviceman records dept. Do you have any details? maybe his official number, it would be a good start, it would indicate the year he joined the navy. Let me know how you get on and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything else.

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