Submarine Service

I joined Dolphin on the 20th July 1959
HM/SM Amphion 15th Oct 1959 to 3rd Feb 1960
HM/SM Taciturn 4th Feb 1960 to 23rd April 1962
HM/SM Otter  10th Aug 1962 to 8th Sept 1962
HMS Dolphin 21 Aug spare crew to Sept 9,1963
spare crew to HM/SM Totem and HM/SM Alliance for brief sailings
HM/SM Alcide22nd Aug 1963 to 22nd July 1965
HMS Dolphin 23rd July to 14th Dec 1965
left the RN 14th Jan 1966

5 Responses to Submarine Service

  1. Colin Bennett says:

    Hi Ben, I see that we were on Alcide at the same time – I joined her in Rosyth on 11 July 63 and we must have flown back to the UK on the same flight! I’m Colin (Wiggy) Bennett and was the Radio Supervisor (in old money P.O. Tel). I’m afraid that I’ve never been very good at remembering names and faces, more a case of “I’m sure I know you, give us a clue!” I came across your web site as I have given a talk to the Knaresborough (North Yorkshire) Mens Forum entitled “Twelve Years on (and under) the Waves” and was encouraged to write it down for my grand and great grandchildren to read. To bulk out the words I decided to put in information on the various ships and boats I had served in – googling HMS/M Alcide brought up your website
    Hope I will hear from you soon.
    Wiggy Bennett

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Wiggy sorry I can’t place you either, I knew a Wiggy Bennett on Acheron but he was a stoker!I join Alcide in August as Second Coxswain. I returned to the UK in Aug 1965 as my time was up a couple of months later. In the comms branch I remember Terry Woods bunting tosser, and Len Alyward L/Tel. Neville Glover was the coxswain and he crossed the bar a few years ago, he’d married a Canadian girl and they lived in Elmsdale just outside of Halifax. Bob Lamb RCN became a cop and also died a few years ago. We are growing thin on the ground these days. I too have written on my experiences in the Navy, have published three books, you probably saw them on my web page. AFTER LEAVING THE Mob I returned to Canada did a further twelve years in the RCN reserve and retired as a Lieutenant, I live with my wife in the village of Abram on Prince Edward Island. Good to hear from you shipmate, keep in touch
      Yours Aye Ben

  2. Pete Turner says:

    Hi Ben good to see your still around. Pete [topsy] Turner, diesel weasle, spare crew Ambrose feb 64-june 65, then full time on Alcide till arriving back home march 66. I remember you well along with a raft of others. Nev, Allen Schofeild , Pricky Price, Ray Metcalf, Pusser Hill, Mac Magginis, and more. Did a couple of mystery trips on Sealion then got out of dodge Sept 67 and headed back to Canada and have lived in Nanaimo BC ever since. I figurd its time to say Hi before its to late, Stay safe Pete T

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Pete it is good to hear from you after all these years. I’m touch with Dave(Joe) Mercer, and Pete Evans both live here in Maritimes. Neville Glover crossed the bar some time ago as did Ray Metcalf and Bob Lamb. I heard Ray Hill was into scrap metal in the eighties but lost touch. Dave Mercer is trying to locate Sam Morris the chef, maybe you can help. All the best Ben

    • jim dandie says:

      Hi Topsy

      Jim Dandie here

      Get in touch

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