HM/SM Aurochs 1956

The picture at the heading of ‘My Time In Submarines’ page is a conning tower shot of Aurochs steaming on the surface somewhere off the Australian coast. She was in company with HMS Cockade en-route to Adelaide for a weekend visit during the time of the 1956 Melbourne Olympic games

2 Responses to HM/SM Aurochs 1956

  1. Kate says:

    Hi, I would love to get in contact if you wouldn’t mind emailing me?
    I believe my father served with you on Aurochs in 1956 and I would love to verify some of his stories for his obituary

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi kate I think you have misunderstood my blog regarding Aurochs. I didn’t serve on her and only became a submariner in 1959. My connection with the boat was at the Melbourne Olympics. I was a 17 year old sailor on HMS Cockade we were escort destroyer for the ROYAL yACHT. wE SAILED IN COMPANY with Aurochs from Melbourne to Adelaide for a four day visit. The Aurochs tied up beside us and on the Sunday we were both open to visitors, The Cockade was listing to port because of the crush and weight of people trying to visit the submarine. My email address is

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