Pipeline Madness!

If I understand Trudeau and Morneau correctly we have just bought a pipeline with money we do not have and that so far does not exist? However, more worrying is the estimated costs, 4.5 billion now and 7.5 billion more to complete the job. Those figures depend on no over run costs or delays. Nevertheless, it’s more likely there will be soaring increased costs. Maybe someone can explain why this is a good and wise deal for Canada? What was it Trudeau said (many many times) it’s in the national interest. I’m no expert, but aren’t we already operating with a huge deficit and this latest venture will only have a balloon effect?  I voted for Trudeau thinking he would do a good job. It didn’t take long to regret my disastrous voting choice. This is the same PM who told veterans they were asking for more than he could give? Now it seems if Big Oil Corps ask, the answer is how much do you need?  Seriously I worry about the future of this country and the future of my grandchildren. Long after I’m gone they will be left to pay for this Trudeau Folly.

God Bless and keep reading

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Where are the Samaritans

WHERE ARE THE SAMARITANS. This was the caption in a letter to the Guardian today 28th May 2018 from Ken Williams. Apparently he fell in his driveway and was upset that no passing cars stopped to offer help. I suspect as he lives just below the crest of a hill passing motorist, even driving the speed limit, would be unlikely to see him whilst laying flat. However, I find his claim about missing Samaritans most unfair and certainly unjust. I lived on the Glasgow Rd for many years and know many of the people along that route. They are kind considerate and in my book always Good Samaritans. Indeed there are Good Samaritans all over PEI.

God Bless and keep reading

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PR Coalition Disbanding –Please read why

After 3 years working together to advance Proportional Representation on P.E.I., including leading public engagement for the 2016 plebiscite, the PEI Coalition for Proportional Representation is disbanding.
Watch and share our video-message explaining our decision here:

We’ll make no bones about it – the trigger for this decision was the unprecedented, and, we believe, possibly unconstitutional restrictions our government has proposed, which would seriously hamper our efforts to inform Islanders about a better way of electing our legislatures – Proportional Representation.
As a Coalition of 12 organizations, with hundreds of individual supporters, we were shocked to realize that the severe restrictions and draconian penalties embedded in the Premier’s referendum bill were set to expose both the Coalition and each of our members to unbearably high risks. It could also lead to situations in which certain members could no longer remain as members of the Coalition, which has always held inclusion as a top value. With the clock ticking quickly towards the June 1 date that the legislation is intended to come into effect, we faced a future in which we would be forced to either play by the government’s unfair rules, or be forced into silence. Meanwhile, some of our members were coming under increasing attacks and pressure – professional and personal – due to their affiliations with the Coalition.
Does this mean that we’re abandoning the cause? Absolutely not!
Rather than being silenced, our response is to dissolve our current structure and become even more grassroots, even more inclusive, and even more powerful.
Every single one of us and our member organizations remains 100% committed to achieving Proportional Representation. What we’ve realized, however, is that no matter whether this deeply troubling bill passes or not, it is clear that we are now viewed by the powers that be in a way that is unnecessarily adversarial and hostile, and our current structure makes responding to this aggressive stance very difficult. We now believe the most powerful way forward for our movement today is not under the banner of this formal coalition, but instead, as a broad-based citizens network.
The new network will be even more grassroots than our grassroots Coalition was – and we believe those roots are strong. On PEI, marram grass roots keep our coastal dunes from blowing away, but they also allow the dunes to migrate, slowly but surely, until the sand engulfs new spaces.
In other words, this is not so much about “shutting down” as it is a transformation. And we’re excited about it! Please read on to find out what we’re planning and how you can be a part of it.
Here’s what’s next:
During our last days in operation as the Coalition, we are using our assets to further our mission as much as possible before restrictions might take effect. We will be transferring any remaining funds, intellectual property and databases into the trust of the Citizens’ Alliance – a member of the Coalition – to be used in ways that could assist our cause within the new confines of the law, should Bill 38 pass. Some of these assets may eventually be transferred to a new political action group to promote Proportional Representation. If you are uncomfortable with the Citizens’ Alliance holding your contact data, you may unsubscribe. However, we hope that you’ll stay engaged! We and the Citizens’ Alliance guarantee that your personal information will never be used for any purpose other than sharing information and opportunities for action to help achieve Proportional Representation on PEI
Meanwhile, some of our members have also been hard at work setting up the infrastructure for a new grassroots citizens’ network for all Islanders who support democratic renewal. The PEI Proportional Representation Network is an informal information-sharing network that will help all of us stay connected, share information and coordinate our efforts, within the narrow confines of the laws coming down the pipeline. We strongly urge you to stay a part of this movement by joining this new network right now.

So while this is “goodbye” from the PEI Coalition for Proportional Representation, we all look forward to saying “hello” to you as fellow democracy warriors in the new PEI PR Network. This is also a very sincere and emotional “Thank you” for all of your support over the last years and months. We have been – and will continue to be – so powerful together!
Signing off for the Coalition,
Marcia Carroll – The PEI Council of People with Disabilities
Dawn Wilson – The PEI Coalition for Wom

God Bless and sign on!!!

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A Little Sunday Humour

A Little Sunday Humour
Posted on May 27th 2018
by irishroverpei

A traveling salesman broke down on the bad side of town one evening after a long day of door-to-door sales. After calling AA from mobile, he decided to wait in for the tow truck in a nearby bar.
He sat down on a bar stool in the corner of the bar to quietly nurse his beer. Trying to mind his own business, he was shocked to look across the bar to find a very large, muscular sailor doing shots. While the sailor’s chest and arms were huge, the salesman was shocked to notice that his head was about as big as a grapefruit. Needless to say, he couldn’t help but stare.
Soon the sailor stood up from his stool and swaggered over to the salesman, who was shaking in his loafers. When he reached him, the sailor said, “I see you staring at my head over here.”
“N-no,” the salesman responds, “I wasn’t, really, I ..”
“That’s okay,” the sailor said and sits down next to him. “I want to tell you my story. I was out at sea last year and there was a terrible storm. My ship was sunk, and everyone drowned but me. I struggled to stay afloat and managed to swim to the shore of a deserted island. I stayed there all alone for six months, eating coconuts and crabs.
One morning I was woken up by screams coming from the lagoon. Running down there, I discovered a woman struggling in the thick seaweed. I ran down to the water, ripped the seaweed from her naked body, and pulled her up to the beach. She was a mermaid! I stood gawking at her for a while, and then she thanked me, offering to grant me three wishes.
My first wish was to be back home before the end of the day. She said, ‘Okay.’ My second wish was to have a billion dollars so I would never have to go to sea again. She said, ‘Okay.’ Then I scratched my head and tried to think of something else. I said, ‘Well, since I don’t really need anything else, how about we have some sex?’ She smiled and wagged her fish tail at me. ‘Silly,’ she said, ‘look at me. I can’t have sex with you.’ I laughed and said, ‘Oh okay, then how about a little head?
God Bless and keep reading

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Why we need Proportional Representation.

Electoral Reform is Urgently Needed
Posted on October 27, 2016
by irishroverpei

We must ask ourselves the following question, do we wish to continue having leaders like those in the photos attached to this blog. If your answer is yes, and these people will no doubt agree with you. Then you may as well not read any further in the blog. Its a fact the PEI Premier has already stated his preference, and its not to change the present system. For many years our leaders have been elected with majority governments, while some 60% of voters did not vote for them. This is not just something I have made up, its the truth and it will continue unless we change the electoral system. I have listed below 5 reasons for change, please read carefully. When the time comes and we are asked to vote whether to stay with the present system of change to a PR system you will know how to vote. My own preference would be DMP as a first choice and MMP as my second choice. I hope everyone will decide upon a good and sensible choice.
Proportional representation is incredibly popular: Over 90 countries use a proportional voting system, including 85% of OECD countries, such as Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, and Denmark.
Proportional representation means higher voter turnout: Research shows that voter turnout is five to 7.5% higher on average in countries that use proportional representation.
Proportional representation leads to a more diverse, gender balanced Parliament: Countries that use proportional representation have more diverse parliaments with more individuals from under-represented groups. Of the countries that have more than 30% women in their legislature, the majority use PR. And countries that use proportional representation see up to eight per cent more women in their legislatures compared to first-past-the-post systems.
Proportional representation does not lead to instability or never-ending elections: Canada, under first-past-the-post, has had more elections since WWII than Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and Spain ­– all countries who use proportional representation.
You can have proportional representation and a local MP: Many proportional systems, such as Mixed Member Proportional (MMP), allow voters to elect a local representative and a representative for the broader region. This ensures that the number of seats a party wins is proportional to the vote that party receives, while also giving voters a local voice that is responsive to their local needs and concerns.
So folks please consider the above and when the plebiscite is held on PEI in November. Remember this blog info and you will be better prepared to vote for change. If you require more info go to http://www.peipr.ca.
Remember the many fish kills, remember Plan B, think about this planned Bypass $65 million dollars. Who gets the lions share of this money?? surely not Wades Contractor buddies???  Do we need change or do we really need change?????????????You already know the answer!
God Bless and keep reading

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Why we need Proportional Representation

Politics is at best a nasty business, but here on PEI the MacLauchlan gang of corrupt money grubbers have taken it to a whole new level. For them only one things matters, and that is not the people of PEI, not the economy, not the many fish kills, not the poison being spread on the land, none of those important things. No! what matters to them is power and how they can hold onto it. Just recently the Island PC party held their leadership convention down East at Montague. The Liberals in their cunning ways deflected the media attention and interest away from this event by holding the induction of the new Lieutenant Governor at the other end of the island in Tignish at the very same time!!! This government has no respect for anyone or anything, its all about them. Even when caught with their fingers in the cookie jar nothing happens they pretend they have to leave to spend more time with family or sick wives etc. They leave smiling with a large bag of severance cash. Rewarded for their crooked dealings one day and later appointed to some lucrative and cushy government job. It is surely long since passed the time for islanders to wake up and do something to change this intolerable situation. If we don’t do it we can be sure MacLauchlan and his gang wont do it for us.

Decision Time is Now, if you vote Liberal??? you are voting for more of the same corrupt and dishonest government.

God Bless and keep reading

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This is Decision Time.

I’m writing this letter in the hope the majority of Liberal MLAs will stand tall and do what they  know to be right. Oppose bill 38 and demand amendments to this insulting attempt to stack the vote in favour of the MacLauchlan gang. Do not follow your Shepherd like mindless sheep, do what the people elected you to do, and look after their interests. Fail in this, then ask yourselves how you will face islanders in the next election. Imagine how you will be greeted on the doorsteps,  I doubt it will be pleasant. It is time to regain some self respect and to show you have integrity and pride in the position to which you were elected. Follow your conscience and do what you were elected and paid to do. The alternative to this is to leave politics, five of your colleagues have already done so, and I suspect more could follow.. If you wish to continue in politics, then this is surely the time to make an honest decision. Food for some serious thought. Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers Abram Village PE. Tel 902-786-3020

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Sneaky Liberal Tactic!!!!!

Rustico-Emerald MLA Brad Trivers raised the issue during Friday’s question period where he had a copy of the brochure that listed several measures from the latest budget. Trivers said it was an attempt to influence Islanders.
“The only thing that’s missing from this brochure is the Liberal logo,” he said.

I was amused when I heard MLA Brad Trivers raise concerns about the government using the property tax assessment letters to influence voters. They enclosed a propaganda pamphlet in with the 2018 property tax bills. The pamphlet extolled the government and their generous programs and grants. Indeed a very sneaky way to gain votes, and not forgetting, this was done at tax payers expense. However. it was wasted on me, when I received my letter the only thing that interested me was the new tax assessment, the remaining contents I promptly dispatched to the garbage bin without reading!!!The letter was similar to all these other special offers we get in the mail. You know the kind, Capitol One cards, health and or life insurance deals! I wonder how many others also ended up in the garbage?  Just another example of Liberals wasting tax payers money in their own interest. Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers Abram Village PE. Tel 902-786-3020

God Bless and keep reading

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The Canadian Legion’s Lack of Vision

I have come to the conclusion that Dominion Command and probably several Provincial Commands have only one interest in life and that is in protecting their own little empires. It is evident to many that these command elites have the same faces year after year. In other words Dominion and Provincial are cliques owned and run by the same groups of people. They fight strenuously to keep interference from veterans at a minimum. Their arrogance is not only unacceptable its unbelievable, and it stems from fear that someone might upset their power base. I realize the organization needs other members besides veterans, but that is not an excuse to offer a one year free membership. That is sheer desperation, but probably a way to strengthen their argument, they are working hard to recruit new members. From my own experience, when offering a new idea or suggestion it is always stopped dead in its tracks by Provincial Command. They have no discussion with the members offering these proposals, merely claim the executive met and decided against it. Certainly in my case this was the result each time I sent in a new resolution. It never got beyond Provincial Command, and no one at any time ever offered to meet with me to discuss my proposal. Just recently I copied an interesting video of Prince Harry talking with a little 4 year old boy who lost his uncle in Afghanistan. The little boy was wearing his late uncles medals on his right breast. Prince Harry stop to talk with him and shake his hand. It was a delightful moment of a young boy at a Remembrance day event. From my point of view it spoke volumes about why we remember our fallen. I was so impressed with the video, I forwarded it to Dominion and Provincial Commands. I thought surely some one there would agree with me. I was very wrong. Allow me to show you the rude and inane response to received from Bruce Poulin, Dominion Communications officer.
Thank you for sharing this story from the United Kingdom. As I am sure you will appreciate, The Royal Canadian Legion does not comment on customs or traditions practiced in other countries. We respect Canadian law.
In Comradeship Bruce Poulin
He talks as if the UK was a foreign country! he ignores the fact that the Royal British Legion and the Royal Canadian Legion have the same Patron, HRH Queen Elizabeth. Surely we have many things in common, and who may wear late loved ones medals should be one. This was the reason I sent the video in the first place. To dismiss my approach in such a rude and dismissive manner is just the sort of attitude that is causing so many issues. Until these people, who unfortunately hold the power, decide to listen to the real membership, the veterans, nothing is going to change. Sadly if Dominion and Provincial commands continue down this road, then the end is probably just around the next bend. It will matter not how many free memberships they give out, pretend medals they hand out and or sell, the result will be the same. They have no vision beyond protecting their own little power bases. The overriding fear of the legions collapse is because we, the veterans, have a sacred obligation to look after the Poppy and what it stands for. Associate members have and are continuing to fail in this duty. That is obvious in the questionable and secretive way the Poppy funds are being used. It is obvious in the way some Branches fail to conduct fitting Remembrance Day services. I refer to the ceremony held in Kentville NS, flags not half masted and forgot the two minute silence. I suppose I could go on, but realize those who really care are already well aware of the problems. I guess the big question is what can we do about it, would love to hear ideas.????????????
God Bless and keep reading

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Associate Members and their Cracker Jack Medals

This is a copy of a post by a veteran friend.
Posted by Robby
2016 was a heavy year of Complaint(s) against the Royal Canadian Legion. The actions of certain branches before, during and after Remembrance day left many a jaw agape.
The actions of Dominion Command and their lack of interest in Veteran’s families wearing a loved ones medals on Remembrance day is …..to put it bluntly a DISRESPECTFUL way to pay honour to a Veteran on Remembrance day.
The article in Esprit de corps this issue says a lot about the mafia of Dominion Command. Far more interested in their salaries and tinpot medals and decorations for their Right Breast.
Even past Dominion Command President (who has never served a day in Uniform) Tom Eagles had the decency NOT to wear his chestful of Cracker Jack medals, while attending the Royal British Legion and Royal Scottish Legion’s conference. Why? was he ashamed to wear his collection of tinsel with actual Veterans in the room ?
Comment -: This is from a Vet in Wasaga Beac
Read the blog I agree with you whole heartily, I’m tired of seeing those civvy wearing their cheap medals and running the legions. They have turned the legion into nothing but watering holes for civies.
Comment from F.Ben Rodgers ret’d Royal Navy, RCN Reserve.
These are the Legion members that tell me to allow a widow to wear her late husband’s medals on her right breast, dilutes the value of the medals. One might ask which of the two photos here dilute real medals. Grandfather with grand daughter wearing great grandfathers WW1 medals. Or assoc member with approx ten pretend medals on his right breast.

God Bless and keep reading

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