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A Theologians Review of “Chapter XXl Armageddon”

 I have for a long time wondered how my book would be seen by the religious community, now I know and I’m very pleased indeed.   BOOK REVIEW by Art Turnbull report of a reading by a Minister of the … Continue reading

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Thirteen Days

I watched a TV documentary recently titled “The Thirteen Most Dangerous Days in the History of the World” it was about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Almost forgotten today, but it was indeed a time when the world was facing Armageddon … Continue reading

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Global Warming & Pollution.

We are in a mess! The world is in a mess! and we are doing nothing about it? I realize most people today do not read or believe in the words of the Bible. The word Armageddon is just that, … Continue reading

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Tell Me What You Think

Tomorrow I will post chapter 13 of my book (13 unlucky for some) and have been thinking about the title. Its a little blah! doesn’t really tell a prospective reader much or indeed even catch the eye of a prospective … Continue reading

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Germany 7-1Brazil

Oh My God My God was the plaintive cry from the tiers of the grand football stadium. Germany were up one goal, no two er three sorry its four oops five. And that was before the half time whistle blew.There … Continue reading

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