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A Dogs Life

Dog owners often brag about the strict way they train their dogs. I’m one of those owners and I’m indeed very strict. I use strong commands like Sit-Stay- lay down-stop barking. My dog is “Angel”, her name, not her nature. … Continue reading

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No Pregnancy test kits in 1963

If there had been test kits for pregnancy in 1963 I would not have fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book. So all you young courting couple out there take heed. She told me she was pregnant. … Continue reading

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Where Did This Young Sailor Go???

Its a fact that as we grow older, slower, stiffer,and lose most of our hair, our mind remains young. As the body ages it regularly fails to live up to the expectations of the mind. We make silly statements like, … Continue reading

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The Royal Navy & Me

I thought it was time for another promo???just a short excerpt from chapter four. Hope you enjoy. CHAPTER FOUR (Excerpt) Outside the front door we removed our shoes and tiptoed up the stairs whispering and giggling. The girl’s room was … Continue reading

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