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What Happened to British Craftsmanship??? What Happened to Truth

What ever happened to British Pride in engineering and automobile manufacturing? We once made the finest cars in the world, today we hardly own or produce a British brand, with Morgan maybe the lone exception. Was it greed, laziness,lack of … Continue reading

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Who Really Won the Second World War???

Its not a difficult question to answer if we look at the highways of the Western World today. Before the second World War British auto manufacturers were one of the largest in the World, we had a host of varied … Continue reading

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Noakes Folly!!!!

My good friend Peter Noakes has named his amazing project as Noakes folly. I however, consider it a marvelous undertaking. Peter has followed a lifetime ambition to build his own car. That ambition is rapidly becoming a reality. Peter started … Continue reading

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An Amazing Feat

I think this is an amazing achievement and feat of work, requiring a lot of patience and money!!! Peter began his project a few years ago. The chassis and wheels were stored in my barn for quite awhile. He made … Continue reading

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