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The Rary Bird & and the Turnip Field

Sorry, there are no photo’s available of Rary birds, have to use a parrot!!! A man walked into a pet shop to buy a parrot, I’m sorry said the owner I’m all out of parrots but I do have this … Continue reading

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Arsenal Win!!!!!

Wow!!! The good old Gunners won today, they defeated Swansea 2-0 at Swansea. Still hanging in at fifth spot in the league. They have to make into fourth soon in order to have a place in the European Champions Cup … Continue reading

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The 17th March is just around the corner

It is nearing the time of year when local newspapers have nothing better to say and do than place a photo on their front page of a barmaid holding a pint of green beer. This is their insipid way of … Continue reading

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Abortion in Ireland

Not sure I have a particular stand on this subject, I do believe an abortion should not be carried out merely for convenience or as a form of birth control. I know as a man, abortion is not something I’m … Continue reading

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A 60th Year Reunion

Yesterday, Sunday 7th October the cruise ship MV Arcadia docked in Charlottetown for the day. Aboard were Bobby Weir and his wife Margaret. Bobby lived in the house opposite me on Ewarts Row in Belfast, Northern Ireland, back in the … Continue reading

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