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Reasons British Voted to Leave EU.

The list I have posted below came via FB, and at first glance its seems to validate the reasons why the BREXIT vote was to leave the EU. However, when one thinks about it, that sort of thing is happening … Continue reading

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The Imitation Game.

Linda and I treated ourselves on Sunday evening. We went out for dinner and then on to a movie. We saw the new film “The Imitation Game” and a very good film it was. The true story of Prof Turing … Continue reading

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June 5th 1944

Its cloudy, overcast and raining outside today, not a lot different from 5th June 1944. That particular day was the eve to the D Day landings in Normandy. Weather played a huge roll in the invasion plans, The big question … Continue reading

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Remembering the War Years

On Tuesday 15th April (Easter)1941 some 200 German planes bombed the city of Belfast for seven hours. The air raid warning sounded at 10.20 pm and the all clear didn’t come until 5.00am the next morning. The city was devastated … Continue reading

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Belfast Blitz Remembered 70 yrs Later

On Easter Tuesday 15th April 1941 The City of Belfast was bombed from 10.20pm until 5.00am the following morning. A total of 200 German planes were engaged in the raid. A light raid had been experienced on the 7th April … Continue reading

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