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Montague the Beautiful part Two (NIMBY)

The residents of Montague opposed to the Boys & Girls Club in their neighbourhood are NIMBY`s. It is okay to be a NIMBY if you have your priorities right.  Nimby is an acronym for “Not in my Backyard“ Some people … Continue reading

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Skipping in the Streets of Belfast Circa 1950

On Tuesday evening I watched the latest Rick Mercer show, one of my favourite TV programs. In this particular episode Rick visited a group, maybe team is a better word, of boys and girls specializing in skipping. Like so many … Continue reading

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For Valentines day- A first kiss Lost

It has often been said young love is the purest form of love. In 1951, Sheila and I at the tender age of thirteen would have agreed with those sentiments. We truly believed our love would last forever. We lived … Continue reading

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A Christmas Present for Son-in-Law

I saw this on facebook and thought of my favourite son-in-law Mark. My granddaughter Melissa turned 12 in June and also entered Junior High.  The first dater is probably already on the horizon.  I think I will get him this … Continue reading

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