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Really Create Jobs.

Harper has approved the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline, granted it is conditional but nevertheless approved and will no doubt succeed if the Conservatives remain in government. Yesterday I took a break from the World Cup to watch Question Period on CTV. … Continue reading

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Provincial Submarine Service???

Did you know that the province of British Columbia actually had its own Navy, or to be more specific its own submarine service. Yes, that is a fact. In 1914 days before the the start of the First World War, … Continue reading

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License Plate Mystery!

The mystery is solved, my good friend Adam McLeod left the plate in my mail box on Sunday evening. Thanks Adam I will add it to my collection.

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Strange Item in Mailbox???

Sunday wasn’t a good day, I had chest pain and spent about eight hours at the hospital. When I came home I found a License plate in my mail box. Its a British Columbia plate dated Jan 1996 and instead … Continue reading

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