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Fathers day from Susannah

What a lovely thing to have a daughter say about her father. She has made me very proud. I loved my two girls with absolute conviction and will until the end of my days. I had a most unpleasant childhood, … Continue reading

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A Historic Day to Remember

Yesterday the mood across the land was tense, on Mary Road we waited with bated breath as the days historic events unfolded. Around 10am Budge moved her car toward the garage, the excitement was almost overwhelming.  Slowly the garage overhead … Continue reading

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Proud of Susannah(Budge)

Just one more reason why I’m so proud of my youngest daughter Susannah (Budge) Students in central Newfoundland schools struggling with mental health issues will have a place to go thanks to a boost in funding. On Monday, former chief … Continue reading

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Six Million Dollar Man or Bionic Budge????

In the years before Budge started school she became extremely fascinated by the TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man”. This was back in the days when we had at most, two TV channels. I suppose to be fair the … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Budge

I realize many of you think I’m merely teasing or perhaps attempting to embarrass my young daughter via my blog. However,you would be wrong, I enjoy retelling stories of both of my beautiful young daughters and their misadventures/adventures while growing … Continue reading

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Budge for Bait?????

I expect you are somewhat confused by the title of this blog!  We have for years called our youngest daughter Susannah by the nickname of Budge. There now, you can understand the first part of the title. As to the … Continue reading

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More Daughters Eh! part two –A

Wow!! it would appear that many of Budges friends can’t imagine her on horse back. So here is the proof, she is wearing number 54 on Smokey (note the professional grooming of the mane), next photo, standing by the fence … Continue reading

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Arsenal Still On Top

I realize I said this post would be about my second daughter, but please don’t despair Susannah’s turn is still on schedule. I just thought it important to keep you up to date on the premier League standings. Arsenal defeated … Continue reading

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