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The Paper back Revolutionized the Book Industry.

Just prior to the start of the Second World War there was a huge shift in the publishing industry. At that time the cost of a book (hard cover only) was in the region of $2.50 per copy, very expensive … Continue reading

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Battle of Britian Relic

A World War Two German Dornier DO 17 has been raised from the sea floor off Goodwin Sands in the English Channel. This is believed to be the only known Dornier DO 17 example to exist in the world today. … Continue reading

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I Swear to God?????

It seems these days in the Christian World we lose more of our values each day. Here in Canada we are not allowed to say God Bless when a person sneezes in a Government building, it might offend. Can’t say … Continue reading

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Changing Times

In this age of cell phones, I phones, Skype calls and whatever other communication devices are out there, I’m often scoffed at because I’m unsure how to use these items. Well I have an excuse, I was raised in a … Continue reading

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Back to Sanity

The Lambretta is history! It left yesterday in the back of a truck heading for Halifax. I had mixed feeling as it disappeared down the driveway. Nevertheless, its better gone,I’d surely have been killed if I’d continued riding it. That’s … Continue reading

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No Fool Like An Old Fool

The photo I have posted was taken in 1959, I was twenty years old and riding a Lambretta around the narrow country lanes of South Wales with a pretty girl on the back. In those days traffic was light and … Continue reading

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