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Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Subject: WORDS FROM 1907 To: stephen.harper@parl.gc.ca Dear Mr. Prime Minister: I received recently from your Conservative Party comments made by you regarding the “Oath of allegiance” in the context of the hijab head garments. I applauded your stance even it’s … Continue reading

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A Question of Religious Freedom

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird recently defended the creation of the new office of Religious Freedom. Now that is real interesting because a week ago I sent a question to the Prime Minister, the Premier of Ontario and three PE … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts to Admit Gays?????Maybe

It is really difficult in this day and age to hear the Boys Scouts of America are still trying to decide if they should accept gay boys/girls and or leaders into their ranks. To be fair this is not strictly … Continue reading

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Contraceptives Eh???

Many a young man has found himself in the embarrassing situation when attempting to purchase a packet of contraceptives. I certainly never avoided this difficult trial whilst growing up. I arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1964, a time when … Continue reading

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What’s Next???

Remembrance Day is over so what is next???? Why, Christmas of course. The time when retailers try to deplete our bank accounts to dangerous levels!! A time when we go to the dogs so to speak. Little is said about … Continue reading

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Bless You—Oops Sorry did I offend

I heard from a friend at church this morning about our governments latest new ruling. I cannot believe that even our government would go to such ridiculous lengths. But apparently it is true. A new ruling in all government offices … Continue reading

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