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Strategic Voting

Seems  there is quite a few arguments about voting ones true preferred party or voting strategically. I voiced my opinion a few days ago regarding the Egmont riding.  Of course I support the Green Party and I would like to … Continue reading

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Voting Green in Egmont! Is it an Option???

Well that is a good question and not to mention a very difficult one to answer. I’m in a real dilemma and here are the reasons why. I do not wish to see Gail Shea win, nothing against her personally  … Continue reading

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Remembering history but look to the future

While it is right and proper to remember our history, and today make a special note of the lives lost aboard Titanic. It is also equally important to keep a sharp eye on the future. Its unlikely and I certainly … Continue reading

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Crossing Canada

My good friend Robby (even though he’s ex Army and a Conservative)has just reached the start of Rogers Pass driving his trusty Dodge camper and towing a trailer. Reminds me of the wagon trains and pioneers of old crossing the … Continue reading

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