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Definition of a Veteran

I recall that a few weeks after the Island first issued the Veteran License plates,¬† the deputy major of Charlottetown was complaining. The city had authorized free parking thru the month of December if you had a veteran plate. However … Continue reading

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A Loving Daughter.

Who would have thought this wee girl of four would grow up to be such an intelligence and loving daughter. The beautiful response she wrote in reference to my letter about the Jehovah Witness who refused her son the opportunity … Continue reading

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Where Do You Live?

The photo is the Belfast City Hall. Where do you live?, not an offensive question, perhaps a little unusual, perhaps a bit nosy but harmless nonetheless, I’m sure you would all agree. However, in Northern Ireland as I was growing … Continue reading

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Really Create Jobs.

Harper has approved the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline, granted it is conditional but nevertheless approved and will no doubt succeed if the Conservatives remain in government. Yesterday I took a break from the World Cup to watch Question Period on CTV. … Continue reading

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Talk About a Gas Bag

I feel good today the storm is over and Canada (Women)beat Mexico 3-1 to qualify for the Olympics. Way to go Girls!!!. The storm didn’t bring much snow, the driveway is good,no need to plow. The photo I have posted … Continue reading

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