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Mostly when we listen to a provincial government report of not quite managing the deficit of finances we are told it was due to one of the following. Either the fault of the Federal government transfer payments, health cost, snow removal, … Continue reading

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The Promised Trudeau Land

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Below is the latest letter I have sent to the editor of both Island newspapers. Surely I’m not the only one who sees the looming similarities between the Ghiz government and the present Wade MacLauchlan government. No honesty, no openest, … Continue reading

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When PEI was a Gentle Island and Dreams were Good

From One Belfast to Another Way back in on Halloween night in1969 I arrived on Prince Edward Island for the first time. Driving from the ferry terminal at Borden to Charlottetown I heard Stompin Tom sing for the first time, Its … Continue reading

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Love or Hate?? I can’t get over the ridiculous posturing our politicians do when they think they have been offended. To suggest one of them might be a disgrace, or worse still, to suggest we might hate them. Its almost … Continue reading

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