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My Legion Letter of Resignation.

Below is a copy of the letter I sent to my local branch roughly four weeks ago. I thought or perhaps expected that someone would try to reach me to say they have changed the rules regarding veterans and wives paying … Continue reading

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Ireland Surely Knows Better

I love this little Irish province known as Ulster, such a beautiful  green land of rolling hills and dales. However, its history has been one of turmoil, violence and war, Protestants against Catholics with the fear and hatred always just … Continue reading

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Am I Being Mean Spirited????

No I do not think I’m mean spirited at all, my belief has always been to offer help to anyone in need. I do not first check my Bible to see if it is okay to help a Gay person, … Continue reading

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Christmas Kettles????

I posted this blog last year, and as I have heard nothing that would have me believe anything has changed,  here it is again. I always had respect for and supported the principles of the Salvation Army. At Christmas I … Continue reading

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