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My Sunday Blog (still experimenting)

As you will notice I’m now able to post photos with my blogs. Linda worked all day retrieving my data from the kaput lap top and adding them here. Surprisingly she found loads of old photos I had long since … Continue reading

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What to do on a Storm Day?

I think most people just batten down in the face of a snow storm. They break out the beer/wine and chips and watch a movie or several whilst the snow flies and the wind howls. But not my good wife … Continue reading

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Paris Today- Who Is Next?

The horrors and murders in the streets of Paris last night is hardly believable. It comes just eleven months after the Charlie Hebdo slaughter and while the world cries out for the suffering of thousands of fleeing refugees. One wonders … Continue reading

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A Little Sunday Humour!!!

Murphy’s Law???? Enough to make a dog laugh Bloke at a horse race whispers to Murphy next to him, “Do you want the winner of the next race?” Murphy replies “No tanks, I’ve only got a small garden.” Murphy and … Continue reading

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Snow Job.

For the last few weeks we have been suffering  all the usual political candidates and their snow jobs. That was bad enough having to listen to the same old promises day after day, but real snow on the 18th October!!! … Continue reading

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Out and About on a Sunday Morning.

Well I suppose I could feel a wee bit guilty this morning, it is the Terry Fox run on the Confederation Bridge (13klms).  My good friends Carl and Jan are there bright and early ready to participate. Linda has arrived … Continue reading

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Man’s Best Friend

One Sunday morning in 1986 we took Susannah into the hospital, she was quite sick. Before we left I had been doing up the pay roll for the coffee shop, when Linda called I slipped the cash into my desk … Continue reading

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HMS Cockade & Ships Monkey

Strange how thoughts enter ones head, I recently received an email about my old ship Cockade. It got me thinking about the story of our ships monkey. In the Far East smuggling such animals as monkeys and dogs and sometimes … Continue reading

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Dog Must be related.

These dogs must either be related or they both have crazy owners?? A dogs life indeed!! more like the life of Reilly!!! One lives in Abram Village PEI the other lives in Killinchy Northern Ireland. An ocean apart but they … Continue reading

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Its a Dogs Life!!!

It is indeed a dogs life ! My granddaughter Melissa was about five years old when I got Angel (in the photos) and today she is preparing to enter grade eleven. Angel is almost ten years old. We have two … Continue reading

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