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Budget Bullsh-t or Fudget Budget

One could say this latest Liberal budget came straight from the horse’s as- oops mouth. Just like the Ghiz government before him who made no mention of bringing in the HST. The Maclauchlan government promised during the last election campaign, … Continue reading

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Hitching a Ride in Uniform

My old shipmate gave me the idea for today’s blog, He mentioned our long ago Navy days of hitch hiking in uniform. Of course we were an irresistible lot in those days, it was very hard for a person to … Continue reading

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Is A Lotto Ticket the Answer

You know, when I sit down to write a blog my wife usually says, are you going to rant about politics again? don’t you know no one wants to read that rubbish!!! My wife may be right, but By God … Continue reading

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