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How To Spoil A Persons Weekend!!!!

My weekend has well and truly been spoiled, first Arsenal manage to lose to Manchester United 2-1 in a game that they should have won very handily. They controlled the game had dozens of corners. 75% of the possession and … Continue reading

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A Historic Day to Remember

Yesterday the mood across the land was tense, on Mary Road we waited with bated breath as the days historic events unfolded. Around 10am Budge moved her car toward the garage, the excitement was almost overwhelming.¬† Slowly the garage overhead … Continue reading

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First Anniverary

On Saturday morning 22nd January 2011, I got up at the usual time and put the coffee on. However it wasn’t my usual routine that morning. I didn’t make myself a bowl of cereal, didn’t take my usual shower and … Continue reading

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Is it just me or do TV ads drive you crazy too?. Proactiv and SkinID, refining masks etc,did you ever hear such s–t? which planet do these advertising people come from?. Do young people really believe these products work and … Continue reading

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