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On This day in 2011

Hi folks I think I’m back online with my new lap top and back to blogging. However, I must ask you to be patient, I’m just feeling  my way forward at the moment. I haven’t managed to find all my … Continue reading

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Remembering My Heart Attack

A Heart Attack is not something one forgets in a hurry, and here I ‘m four years later recalling that most trying time of my life. I was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital emergency on Saturday morning 22nd January … Continue reading

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Health Insurance????

Leaving for Deer Lake shortly on our way home. Hopefully real blogs will start up in a day or two???? In the meantime!!!! The hospital Bill >>>            A man suffered a serious heart attack while shopping in a store. … Continue reading

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Alive and Kicking 3 years later

It is three years since I lay in a hospital bed at the QE2 hospital awaiting quadruple bypass surgery. I was diagnosed with a suspected heart attack on January 22nd 2011 in Charlottetown on a cold snowy Saturday morning, I … Continue reading

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This I will Miss

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny fall day so I took Angel for one more walk down the trail that we have walked so many times. The trail goes down hill behind our house to the river approximately two miles each … Continue reading

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Another Great Soccer day

What a great day in British Premiership soccer, Man United lost, Man City lost, Chelsea and Spurs only managed a tie and guess who won??? You got it!!! Arsenal!!!! they defeated Swansea 2-1. That puts then out in front at … Continue reading

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Rough Weekend

Sorry my blogs have been blah of late, mainly due to the fact i haven’t been feeling too great. Sunday morning was a very nervy repeat of how my heart attack happened back in January 2011. I got up not … Continue reading

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Looking back to 17th Feb 2011

I thought I would re-post the photo of me snow shoeing on the day before my heart attack. A good reminder to those of us as stupid as me!!!who firmly believed the pain and shortness of breath was just a … Continue reading

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Back on Snowshoes

It stormed yesterday, not a real bad storm but probably the most snow received this winter. I couldn’t do my usual walk this morning the snow was too deep. Linda took the snowmobile out and made a trail for me. … Continue reading

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The Last Day of 2011

I’m not unhappy to see the end of 2011, it was a rough year that began in January with a heart attack. It ended in February with quadruple bypass surgery and followed by months of recovery. Hoping this year will … Continue reading

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