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A Little Sunday Morning Humour.

A wee bit of Scottish humour to assuage  the pain of losing the world famous Land Rover, many of which were sold in the Highlands. A Scot was drinking in a bar in London when he gets a call on … Continue reading

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My Firsts Smashwords.com Review!!!!!

You all know I never like to blow my own horn, right? Okay Okay,  maybe just a wee bit on rare occasions!! This is one of those rare occasions. This review was posted yesterday on the http://www.smashwords.com web site I’m … Continue reading

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Great Scot!!! This is the Day??????

I hope I did not offend too many Scots with my Haggis remarks in yesterday’s blog, and I ‘m mean no offence today when I tell you I like Black pudding about as much as Haggis. However those two dislikes … Continue reading

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Stand Alone Scotland??

I believe if Scotland vote yes tomorrow and separate from England it will be the saddest day of their history. I realize they have a great history of fighting the English, struggling to throw off the English yoke and so … Continue reading

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Chapter Seven—- The Message

Chapter Seven. The Message   Mary raced into Terry’s office holding a decoded piece of paper she had just received from Washington. “Terry you are not going to believe this, our church leaders and governments in their wisdom now tell … Continue reading

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Driving in the Highlands

A dear friend who lives in the Highlands sent me an email yesterday and it got me thinking about the many trips I made to Lochgilphead in a wide variety of vehicles during the early 1960’s. I mostly rented cars … Continue reading

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