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In the Good Old Days????

How many times have we heard the term, “in the good old days”???? In fact in my memory they were seldom good, as children we were never prepared for the adult world. As a boy in puberty I recall asking about … Continue reading

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WildLife,Conservvation and Protection Fund??????

How nice are these pretty new licence plates for Prince Edward Island? You have the choice of ordering one with one of the following items on the plate, the Fox, Bluejay, Canada Goose,Salmon or a Lady Slipper, the island flower.  … Continue reading

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Governments in Action

The stories of fraud and mismanagement coming out of Ottawa are endless. Rarely a day passes without some comment of wrong doing by a senator, member of parliament or even a city mayor. These things usually hit the front page … Continue reading

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Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal

Some time ago I blogged about the fact that all politicians would receive the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal. I also mentioned that not all serving members of the Canadian Forces would receive it. That, at the time seemed like a … Continue reading

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