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Suicides In Attawaspikat

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to the issues of the First nation People and I know very little of their history. However, something is seriously wrong when so many young people take their own lives. No clean water … Continue reading

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One Who Truly Cares –Follow Up

This is a follow up to my blog from yesterday 25th Feb 2016. While I do not have complete details or totals yet money is coming in at an amazing pace. I want to take a moment thank my friend … Continue reading

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Feed Back — Jehovah Witness Subject.

Yesterday I claimed not to have received any negative feed back from my recent letter about the JW parent demanding the public library not read children stories about Remembrance. Shortly after posting yesterdays blog I receive a very angry reply … Continue reading

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They Should Understand Most of All

The attached photo is what prompted me to write this blog today. I’m sure, like many others I find this a most offensive and pitiful example of the beliefs of many Religious denominations today. It is so sad that in … Continue reading

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A New Pope

I have never had a great deal of respect or interest in the Roman Catholic Church. That has nothing to do with the fact I’m a protestant from Northern Ireland. Although I would readily admit to a fear of those … Continue reading

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Salvation Army???????????

I always had respect for and supported the principles of the Salvation Army. At Christmas I made a point of dropping any loose change in the Army Kettles. Not anymore though, this year I have walked by the kettles and … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Bible???

At church this morning the minister was talking about one of the selected hymns for the service. It was the hymn that begins ” I see a new world and the old world will pass away” She said it was … Continue reading

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Another Loss

Its a sad Sunday!!! Arsenal were defeated for a second time this season by Man U 2-1. It was a close game,certainly much better than the last one when they were beaten 8-2. Nevertheless a loss is still a loss. … Continue reading

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Out of Carling Cup

Arsenal lost 1-0 to Manchester City yesterday in the quarter final game of the Carling Cup. Too bad but it was a good game and I was impressed with some of Arsenals younger players. They will surely be up and … Continue reading

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