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Would you buy a used car from this man???

Would you buy a Used Car from this man? Premier MacLauchlan is taking down his party, and himself. by his stalwart refusal to cooperate with those citizens who want a fair and open investigation into the mistakes and misdemeanors of … Continue reading

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The Longest Election Campaign in Recent History

It was reported that early Sunday morning Stephen Harper poked his head out and saw Duffy’s shadow then predicted we’d have another eleven weeks of election campaigning. Seriously Harper added One Million Dollars of tax payers money to this election … Continue reading

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A Little Sci Fi?? May the 4th be with you?

I don’t think its a difficult choice deciding who is more interesting, surely our infamous Senator Mike Duffy wins hands down. MacLauchlan the province’s unelected Premier has dropped the writ to begin the election process. Really a blah event for … Continue reading

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