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The Royal Canadian Cadet Corps – Squadrons

There are numerous problems within the Cadet organization and I’d be the first to admit that. From my own 12 years of serving in the CIL/CIC I saw more abuses,outrages,and dreadful deportment of other so called commissioned officers. They wore … Continue reading

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Blue Jays Win!!!!

I might be risking some abusive comments today by talking about baseball. Its not my sport, for me soccer rules, much faster much more exciting and many more skill required. Having said that I will admit I found the last … Continue reading

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Its a Dogs Life!!!

It is indeed a dogs life ! My granddaughter Melissa was about five years old when I got Angel (in the photos) and today she is preparing to enter grade eleven. Angel is almost ten years old. We have two … Continue reading

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Items from the Past

I came across the picture I have included with this blog on Face Book. Quite frequently someone postsĀ  supposedly old items then asked if people are old enough to recognize them. I unfortunately seem to recognize every item instantly so … Continue reading

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