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Canada’s Submarines

There has been much talk over the last two decades about Canada’s submarine fleet. Most of it has been negative urging we get rid of the troublesome boats. It would be hard not to argue that these four submarines have … Continue reading

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Really Bad Movies!!

A friend recently sent me a video of Hollywood’s latest masterpiece of film making. The Interview!!!!Is it any wonder the peace loving North Koreans are upset? They are crying in their tanks and armoured vehicles, howls can be heard coming … Continue reading

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Attack on New York

During the Cold War we often worked with NATO on war exercises. Sometime in 1965 we were doing a simulated nuclear missile attack on New York City. Of course this was all pretend training, the submarine Alcide wasn’t nuclear and … Continue reading

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Can You Imagine The Next 100 Years

I’m unlikely to live for 100 years but even in my short 75 years I have seen immense changes. Who could have imagined the internet, flat screen TV’s, Satellites,Iphones and the list goes on and on. Can you even begin … Continue reading

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31st July 1970 – A Black Day

If you’d been at least twenty years old and a member of the Royal Navy prior to 31st July 1970 then it would have indeed been a black day! That was the day the last daily tot of rum was … Continue reading

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