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Nazi U Boat Found in the Great Lakes!!!! Hoax

Do not believe everything you read on the web, it seem like a good story at first glance, However, Its unlikely a submarine that has been sunk for some 74 years would look as complete as the photo shows. Its … Continue reading

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The Crows Nest

If you are ever in St Johns Newfoundland a visit to the Crows Nest is a must, especially if you have a sailors background. Today the place is often found quiet with no more than a handful of old salts … Continue reading

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Submarine Ojibwa Leaves Halifax for Last Time.

Submariners salute Ojibwa as she leaves Halifax. Ordinarily the send-off of a ship on her final journey is a somber occasion. This was not the case today in Halifax as retired submariners gathered to send the Cold War submarine HMCS … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day

Another great day in the life of Canada, this wonderful and beautiful country. I’m proud to be a Canadian citizen and grateful I was allowed the privilege to become one. I first landed in Halifax on the 18th January 1964 … Continue reading

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A Repeat of History

Yesterday 14th June 2012 along with our friends Carl and Jan we visited the Elmira Railway Station Museum. The station is located at the end of the line near North Lake and beyond Souris. Its very well displayed and rich … Continue reading

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Gander Aircraft Museum NFLD

On my travels I always look for old British cars. Recently in Newfoundland I came across a 1957 Rover and a 1979 Triumph TR7. However the strangest and most interesting vehicle was found at the Aircraft Museum. The Karrier Motor … Continue reading

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