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Duffy- Our Very Own Watergate

It seems that each morning on the news, on Facebook, on Twitter Linkedin etc etc there are new revelations in the Duffy matter. I’m really beginning to wonder if he has some dreadful secret information on Harper. Why else would … Continue reading

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No Decent Honest Politicians??

Oh Boy!!! I wrote about six days ago wondering where or if there were any decent honest politicians in this Country. I think I know the answer now.  No there are none. Well maybe one or two.  I’m unfortunately tarring … Continue reading

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Where Have Decent Honest Politicians Gone????

Where have decent honest politicians gone?? that is a good if unanswerable question. One wonders if we ever had any decent honest politicians, surely we must have had at some distant time. Everyone on Prince Edward Island and indeed most … Continue reading

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The Canadian Senate – Passe or Reward Perks???

Just a few years ago our illustrious Prime Minister Stevie Harper topped up the Red Chamber (Senate) with his own cronies. One of those cronies was Mike Duffy, a long time Ottawa journalist. The requirement of being in the senate … Continue reading

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Are We About to Sell Out to China

It is surely time for Canadians to act. While the Canada-China Investment Treaty will likely be our most significant treaty since NAFTA, Stephen Harper plans to sign it into law as early as November 2nd, 2012, without any public consultation, … Continue reading

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Must be Smarter than I Thought I was!!!!!

Not bragging here, just impressed with my brilliant foresight regarding our Federal politicians. I nailed Del Mastro early on when he ranted in the house about everyone but the conservatives cheating in the last general election. Now our dear old … Continue reading

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