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Happy Birthday Canada

The photos say how lucky I’m to live in this wonderful much better than I could ever say it in words. I landed in Canada at Pier 21 on  the 18th January 1967. Since that day I have never looked … Continue reading

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Newfoundland Government Slashing Funding to Public Libraries

Apparently the Newfoundland Government is no smarter than the one we have here on PEI. Taking funding away from the libraries is about as smart as telling people to use both sides of the toilet roll to save paper!! I … Continue reading

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A New Round of The Little Budger

The heading is correct its not a misspelling of the little bugger! I know how Budges Newfoundland friends love to hear the stories of our wee Budger growing up, so here is another photographic account of the early Budge.   … Continue reading

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Why Budge?????

After receiving so very many nice birthday wishes from Budge’s many friends I decided its time I explained her name “Budge”. Many many years ago our cuddly little girl would often creep into the middle of our bed during the … Continue reading

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Big Birthday Bash Ahead = Happy Birthday Caroline

Can you believe the little baby in the chair eating an ice cream cone is having her 50th birthday today 14th January. Wow!! I have just realized how old that must make me!!! We are off to Halifax on Thursday … Continue reading

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Proud of Susannah(Budge)

Just one more reason why I’m so proud of my youngest daughter Susannah (Budge) Students in central Newfoundland schools struggling with mental health issues will have a place to go thanks to a boost in funding. On Monday, former chief … Continue reading

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Newfoundland’s Loss.

Yesterday Linda, Susannah and I took a two hour drive to Boyds Cove to visit the Beothuck Museum. It was an amazing place to visit but also a very sad and spiritual place. The Beothuck people are no more, long … Continue reading

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Overheard While Awaiting Our Flight to NFDL

‘Lisa, hello! How’re you?’ ‘Good. Yourself?’‘Where’s your friend Madison today? She alright?’ ‘Yeah. Well, no, not really actually.’ ‘Oh? What you done?’ ‘Well, we had a bit of a falling out yesterday. You know, a bit of a misunderstanding.’ ‘That’s … Continue reading

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A Great Comeback!!!!!

For 83 of the 90 minutes of the game today,Everton led Arsenal 2-0. But with seven minute of regular time left Ramsey scored to close the gap. At the 90 minute mark Giroud scored the equalizer 2-2 and Arsenal saved … Continue reading

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Another Day in the Life of Budge

It seems it is time to write another episode in the life of Budge. Especially so because of her recent remarks on FaceBook about my ability/inability to teach her how to drive. She stated that the reason so many other … Continue reading

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