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When Silence is not Golden!!!

Dominion Command suddenly published (25th July 2016) via Face Book a rebuttal to all the recent and not so complimentary news items. In their rebuttal they listed  an email address to contact should we have any questions:-   brucepouline@legion.ca  So I … Continue reading

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The Longest Election Campaign in Recent History

It was reported that early Sunday morning Stephen Harper poked his head out and saw Duffy’s shadow then predicted we’d have another eleven weeks of election campaigning. Seriously Harper added One Million Dollars of tax payers money to this election … Continue reading

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This poor guy feels really Sorry!!!!!!!!

The posted photo is of James Clark on his way to court. Now, doesn’t he look really remorseful and sorry in that photo???? This Lout has no respect for people,property or the law. He was way beyond the legal limit … Continue reading

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