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The House is on the Market

Finally yesterday they put up the For Sale sign, so we are underway!!!. Selling is a hectic business, so many things to do, so much to unload. The barn is at last looking like a barn again rather than an … Continue reading

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Between Seasons

On Saturday night the clocks were advanced one hour, and spring is in the air. Well not quite yet on Prince Edward Island, we still have a lot of snow in the fields and ditches. In fact we do not … Continue reading

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Driving in the 1950’s

Yes I did have a licence to drive an automobile in the 1950’s and I knew all the hand signals??? Hand signals??? what are hand signals you ask?. In the 1950’s cars were not fitted with flashers or brake lights, … Continue reading

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Beware of Leprechaun’s Lurking Down South

Beware! of these tricky little leprechaun’s, they come in many forms, short and tall, large and small. Alien leprechaun’s with phony Green Cards have been sighted as far south in the USA as Florida. They will dance with you and … Continue reading

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More on the Alberton Car Show.

As I had stated in my previous post, the weather was uncertain and I was having second thoughts about attending the show today. Yes I did go and yes it did rain and yes, very hard for about 1.1/2 hours … Continue reading

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