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The death of the Penny

Perhaps you will remember that back on 4th Feb 2013 I posted a blog about the demise of the Penny (one Cent) from our Canadian currency. However, it appears a lot of businesses never heard the news that the penny … Continue reading

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McWatters Bakery

I last posted about McWatters Bakery back in July of 2012, but strangely yesterday I received two comments on the subject. The first was merely reminiscing much as I had done in the original blog. The second response! well I’m … Continue reading

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The Death of the Penny

Its a sad day for some of us, the last day of Canada issuing the one cent coin. The poor wee penny you say, but what the heck it wasn’t worth anything was it. That is true today but it … Continue reading

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The Budget

Well, the Conservatives brought down their Budget yesterday and today a lot of people are scrambling to keep their jobs. At my age I don’t have to worry too much, I’m already receiving my pension and Linda will get hers … Continue reading

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