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Christmas Story 1945. The Christmas Mars Bar”

This story takes place in England in 1945 in the little town of Beaminister. The war was over, however, we were still feeling the effects of rationing and shortages. Sweets and chocolate were still a very rare commodity in the … Continue reading

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Value of Rare Cars????

For most of my life cars have been my all consuming interest and hobby. I almost exclusively favoured British cars, especially Rovers. Nevertheless, I have spend a great deal of time around vehicles from most manufacturers. I have been attending … Continue reading

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My New Bicycle 1951

In 1951 I finally received my first and long awaited brand new bicycle. It was the most amazing machine this twelve year old boy had ever imagined, let alone own! It had a Sturmey Archer three speed, and the all … Continue reading

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Giant Yard & and Moving Sale

Come one come all to my giant yard and moving sale, you will not be disappointed there is something for everyone. Lots and lots of items – auto equipment-antiques-tools-glassware-dishes-collectibles-hardware and more. Just too much to list. As the bird would … Continue reading

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Can you Identify this Item

This mystery item is probably for sealing lids on cans and used on family farms many years ago. However I’m not completely sure, so looking for some imput from my knowledgeable readers. Although it looks rusty it is actually painted … Continue reading

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I’m Sad Sad Sad!!!

Because of my recent back injury I wasn’t able to attend the British Car Show held this past weekend in Windsor Nova Scotia. That’s why I’m feeling so sad today, friends sent me lots of photos just so I’d know … Continue reading

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