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Election thoughts & Ideas

This election is very different from any previous campaigns that I remember.¬† I know there has always existed a certain degree of nastiness between candidates, name calling and such. However, this is the first time I have seen and read … Continue reading

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Coming up the Middle

  As the date of the Federal Election draws near there is fear and speculation that Herr Harper might sneak up the middle as the Liberals and NDP split the vote. Of course its a possibility we all know how … Continue reading

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Del Mastro Guilty! who me?????

Guilty!!!!what,Me, you must have it wrong. Previous Post 24th June 2014 Remember this Good Ole Boy??? he stood up in parliament two years ago and made the following statement. The Conservative Party do not need to be investigated by the … Continue reading

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He Who Shouts The Loudest!!!!

How typical it is, the person who shouts the loudest usually has the most to hide. In the recent Robo Call scandal our old buddy Del Mastro was Harper’s hit man. He blamed everyone but the conservatives for the robo … Continue reading

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25 Billion Price Tag

Our Robo Prime Minister is in sh-t again but it continues not to bother him. I can’t remember a government that has been mired in so many questionable issues. Proroguing parliament, Minister Oda altering official documents,Tony Clemente diverting funds to … Continue reading

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West Coast Safe from Attack

Canadians living on the West Coast can finally relax in the knowledge that an invasion by Hawaiian war canoes is now much less likely. The announcement that our one submarine (HMCS Victoria) that can actually go to sea has at … Continue reading

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