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My Favourite Motorcars?

How many times have we said, I should have kept that car. In my lifetime I have owned a host of mostly British cars, did have a couple of European and a few North American models. Over the years I have … Continue reading

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What Happened to British Craftsmanship??? What Happened to Truth

What ever happened to British Pride in engineering and automobile manufacturing? We once made the finest cars in the world, today we hardly own or produce a British brand, with Morgan maybe the lone exception. Was it greed, laziness,lack of … Continue reading

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Cars I have owned.

Its another snowy stormy day, church is probably cancelled again, haven’t been now for three weeks.  I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever get to drive the Mini Cooper again, with the top down . Its hard to come … Continue reading

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A Rare British Automobile.

My story of the car in the photos started way back in the early 1970’s. A young man called me from Moncton NB to ask if I had ever heard of an Armstrong Siddeley, I had and was reasonably familiar … Continue reading

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The House is on the Market

Finally yesterday they put up the For Sale sign, so we are underway!!!. Selling is a hectic business, so many things to do, so much to unload. The barn is at last looking like a barn again rather than an … Continue reading

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The Wolseley 6/99

Selling the Rover yesterday stirred memories of how my life with Linda began. We courted whilst I was on the Island and later when I transferred back to Dartmouth. We became engaged shortly before I was told I was moving … Continue reading

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Spring Time in Ebenezer

Well it took a little coaxing but the Rover finally fired up this afternoon. The photo is the first one of 2013, with the beautiful sunshine reflecting of the car, note – my shadow is proof!!! . This year I … Continue reading

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Thinning the Collection.

These are sad times but unfortunately necessary, we are getting old and have to move to smaller living quarters. We presently live on 15 acre hobby farm with a four-five bedroom house for just the two of us. Selling means … Continue reading

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Only In Canada Eh!!!!

Combine this posted message about seniors with the fact RBC and other major banks are hiring foreign workers to replace Canadians in the IT sector. But first note, the people losing their jobs have to train their foreigner replacements . … Continue reading

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More KMart Follies!!!!

One morning a lady arrived at the service centre in her newish Austin 1100, she did not look happy. She said, “I have just come from the dealership with my two year old car, they told me I need some … Continue reading

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